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The Virginia 811 Educational Mobile Trailer

Virginia 811 is excited to share that we are underway with a project to develop a mobile education trailer, slated for completion in 2024. 

This new 16’ x 7’ x 7’ pull-behind trailer is a dynamic educational classroom designed to raise awareness of the Dig with C.A.R.E. message and its crucial role in preventing damage to underground utilities. 

Equipped with interactive displays, educational materials, and hands-on activities, the trailer aims to engage students, community members, and industry professionals in learning about underground utility safety. It represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to promote safe excavation practices and protect Virginia’s underground infrastructure. By bringing education directly to communities across the state, we hope to empower Virginians with the knowledge and awareness needed to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of our utilities.

The launch of the trailer in 2024 comes at a crucial time as Virginia continues to experience growth and development in its infrastructure projects. With increased construction activities, the need for heightened awareness of underground utility safety has never been more critical.

Continue to visit this page to keep up to date with the progress of this very important project.

With the ability to travel to schools, community events, and industry conferences,
the trailer will cater to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The trailer will offer a range of educational experiences, including:

  • Interactive simulations that demonstrate the process of locating underground utilities 
  • The potential consequences of excavation without proper precautions. 
  • The different types of underground utilities 
  • The importance of accurate utility marking
  • The steps to take before digging

Interior Features

  • Learning Wall featuring:
    • Public vs. Private Lines 
    • Underground Utility Lines
    • Common Digging Projects
  • 55” TV
  • Exterior Home Meter Display + Explainer
  • 3D Know What’s Below Floor Graphics
  • APWA Color Flag Visual
  • Bench Seat
  • Game Board
  • Storage Rack for Literature


  • Generator
  • Air Compressor

Projects of this magnitude thrive on collective efforts. 
We invite you to partner with us to make this initiative successful.

There are three sponsorship tiers:

Gold 18”x 24” Logo Branding Trailer Exterior + VA811 Truck | 4 Years | $10,000

Silver 10”x14” Logo Branding Trailer Exterior + VA811 Truck | 4 Years | $5,000

Bronze 6” X 10”Logo Branding Trailer Exterior + VA811 Truck | 4 Years | $3,500

Beyond being an educational trailer, it is a mobile billboard for your organization and brand as we traverse the Commonwealth at various locations. Your association with this project not only brings it to life but also reflects your organization’s dedication to shaping a safer, more informed Virginia. By working together, we can ensure that Virginia remains a leader in promoting underground utility safety and protecting our state’s valuable infrastructure.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us. Please reach out to: 

Brian Morehouse | Manager of Public Awareness | [email protected] | (336) 482-6890

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