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2023 Law Changes


B. Scott Crawford, President & CEO of Virginia 811, discusses the 2023 changes to Virginia’s Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act

Throughout 2022, a group of stakeholders, working with the Advisory Committee and the State Corporation Commission, formed Taskforce 2022. Committed to enhancing damage prevention, they proposed changes to the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act of Virginia. The General Assembly approved, and the Governor signed these amendments into law on July 1, 2023. These amendments are significant as they mark the first substantial modifications to the Act in almost a quarter of a century.

Law Change Resources

Addendum to Excavator Manual

A new PDF supplement is available that serves as an update to the Virginia Professional Excavator’s Manual.

This appendix contains the most pertinent changes and can be printed out to keep with existing manuals for easy reference.

Download the Addendum to Excavator Manual here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the recent law changes, click below here:

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Code 60

Commonly Asked Questions About Changes to Code 60

Code 60 Email Notification Examples

The Code 60 Process

Overview of Changes

The following amendments stand out as some of the most significant changes made in 2023 to the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act of Virginia.

Open Excavator Manual

Locate Request Best Practices Guide

The Best Practices Guide contains helpful information for understanding the new law change for one-third of a mile and how to describe non-linear areas of excavation.

VA811 Locate Request Best Practice guide cover with two page insert examples

Proposed Changes to Rules

Interested persons may file comments on the Proposed Rules by January 12, 2024, by following the instructions on the Commission’s website: scc.virginia.gov/casecomments/Submit-Public-Comments.

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Virginia’s Legislative Information System (LIS) is a platform where users can access and review the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act in Virginia. It provides the entire updated text of the Act, including its various sections and provisions. Users can navigate through the website to explore the specific details, regulations, and requirements outlined in the Act related to the prevention of damage to underground utilities.

To review the amended Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act of Virginia:

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