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The Virginia 811

Scholarship Program

Passion to serve,  dedication to safety.

Virginia 811 Mission

To operate a quality-driven, mission-critical, time-sensitive, and employee-focused organization that provides an underground damage prevention safety program for all Virginia stakeholders by continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system as it pertains to meeting all relevant requirements while emphasizing a positive customer experience. 

Apply for the Virginia 811 Scholarship!

The Virginia 811 Scholarship Program awards two (2), one-year, $1,500 college scholarships for use during the successful applicants’ freshman college year. Scholarships will be awarded to Virginia high school seniors who meet the following criteria: 

Virginia 811 Scholarship Eligibility. 

  Applicant must have at least one parent or legal guardian who works full or part-time at a Virginia 811 Member Utility, works as a Utility Locator locating utilities in Virginia, or is a Professional Excavator who works in Virginia and whose company has successfully set up a Web Ticket Entry Account with Virginia 811.
•   Applicants must be Virginia residents and attend an accredited Virginia high school, public or private.
•  Applicants must be seniors at their respective high schools.
•   Applicants must have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher.
•   Applicants must be planning to attend either community college, an accredited trade school, 
or a four-year, accredited, college or university by the following fall after graduation.
•   Applicants must successfully complete the Basic C.A.R.E. Module (Training Only) as a “Homeowner” prior to applying for this scholarship and include a screenshot of the course completion screen in the Section 1-4 PDF (see PDF details in the Guidelines section).

The Basic C.A.R.E. Module is found here:


The student can submit sections 1-4  (along with the Basic C.A.R.E. Module Training completion screenshot) in one PDF document. Be sure to title each section. The student is to be the sole contributor to and creator of the submission document. Please note that all submissions will be the property of Virginia 811 and used at our discretion.

Section 1:  Student Introduction 

In this section, the student introduces him/herself. The student should concentrate on hobbies, favorite academic subject, and any information supporting that the student works with others as a team, demonstrates leadership skills, and/or has contributed to improving his/her community. Include in this section the name of the locate company or excavation company where parent or guardian works.

Section 2:  Education / Extracurricular Activities / Work Experience 

Please provide the following information in this section:
  Name of school the student is currently attending and current GPA.
  Name and address of the Member Utility at which the student’s parent or legal guardian works, including the contact information of the parent or legal guardian’s direct supervisor.
  Name of schools to which the student is applying or planning to attend.
  Sports, clubs, and civic organizations with which the student has participated.
  Volunteer work in which the student has participated during high school.
  Student employment history.

Section 3:  Career Goals (300 words or less) 

What major does the student plan to pursue in college and how will this contribute to the student reaching his/her career goals? How will this major and career path help contribute to underground utility damage prevention and assist in the mission of Virginia 811?

Section 4: Transcript and Letters of Recommendation 

In addition to the application submission, students must provide a scanned copy of their high school transcripts and 2 recommendation letters. One letter should be from a current teacher, and one letter should come from an employer, coach, or other individuals who have worked closely with the student in a professional manner and is familiar with the student’s work ethic and commitment to safety.

All applications must be received by 5 PM Wednesday, June 15, 2022.  Applications received after the due date or not submitted in their entirety will not be considered. Winners will be announced by a combination of phone, email, and written letter.

If there are any questions or need for more information, please contact Nikki Turpin at [email protected].

*All submissions are the sole property of Virginia 811 and can be used at our sole discretion. *

This Scholarship has ended 

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