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Proposed Changes to Rules

Important Update Information

Rulemaking to Update the Commission’s Rule for Enforcement of the Virginia Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act.
Case No. URS-2023-00251

The proposed regulatory action, amends certain provisions of 20 VAC 5-309-10 et seq.  These regulatory amendments, pursuant to Va Code § 56-265.30, update the Commission’s regulations to align with recent statutory amendments to the Virginia Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act (“Act”), Va Code § 56-265.15 et seq.  Among other things, these regulatory updates add new definitions; update terminology to align with the Act; clarify the scope of the Commission’s inspection authority, and require that, in the event of an unintended release of hazardous gas or liquid, an excavator must remain on site, at a safe distance, until such time as emergency response personnel arrive on site.

Interested persons may file comments on the Proposed Rules by January 12, 2024, by following the instructions on the Commission’s website:

Virginia Register of Regulations

The Virginia Register of Regulations is Virginia’s official state publication of regulations and provides a snapshot of all regulatory activity in Virginia. 

To view the Register of Regulations for damage prevention rulemaking, view the link here:

To view the Order for Notice and Comments concerning the rulemaking proceeding to revise the Commission’s Rules for Enforcement
of the Virginia Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, 20 VAC 5-309-10 et seq.,
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