Incident Procedures - Virginia811

Incident Procedures

If a utility line is accidentally damaged (nicked, scraped or broken), dislocated or disturbed, call the appropriate utility company immediately (DO NOT call Miss Utility) for inspection and repair.

DO NOT cover or attempt to repair the damage yourself.

If accidental damage creates an emergency, dislocation or disturbance, take immediate steps to safeguard life, health and property.

Reporting gas line emergencies:

If you discover:

  • Gas escaping from the pipeline (hissing sound, gas bubbling to the surface, unexplained dead vegetation on right-of-way, natural gas smell)
  • Fire, explosion or natural disaster (earthquake, wash-out, lightning, etc.) involving or occurring near pipeline facilities
  • Unauthorized digging, drilling or construction on a pipeline right-of-way
  • Any other occurrence of possible damage to any pipeline utility that may constitute an emergency or hazardous condition


  • Call the gas company involved (see numbers below)
  • Call the local fire department and emergency personnel (911)
  • Secure the area. Keep out unnecessary personnel. Allow only trained repair and emergency personnel onto the site.
  • Eliminate any source of ignition (cigarettes, matches, flint guns, welders, flashlights, electrical and electronic devices, motorized vehicles and equipment, or anything that could produce a spark or flash).

Virginia 811 member gas companies:

Atmos Energy Company (Formerly United Cities Gas Company)(800) 556-5469
Bluefield Gas Company (304) 325-9164
(304) 327-7161
City of Charlottesville(434) 293-9164
City of Danville (434) 799-5284
City of Richmond (804) 646-8300
Columbia Gas Transmission Co(800) 835-7191
Columbia Gas of Virginia(800) 544-5606
(800) 543-8911
Dominion Transmission, Inc(888) 264-8240
East Tennessee Natural Gas Co(888) 231-2294
Roanoke Gas Company(540) 777-4427
Shenandoah Gas – Division of Washington Gas(540) 869-1111
Southwestern Virginia Gas Co(276) 632-5665
Virginia Natural Gas(877) 572-3342
Washington Gas(703) 750-1000
(703) 750-1400
Williams Gas Pipeline – TRANSCO(800) 440-8475

Virginia 811 member petroleum pipeline companies:

Colonial Pipeline Company(800) 926-2728
(804) 233-4335
Plantation Pipe Line Co(800) 510-5678
ST Services(757) 427-1066
TransMontaigne(800) 732-8140
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