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  • The VA811 Web Ticket Entry (Web TE) application is intended for professional excavators who enter an average of 5 tickets or more each week. By using the system at this level, callers become very familiar with the notification requirements. In addition, the effort required on the part of VA811 to set up accounts, maintain them with current information, audit the tickets entered and enforce ticket entry policies only becomes efficient for users with large ticket volumes.
  • To use Web TE, you must either Attend a Training Session conducted by VA811 Staff, or  
  • If you are located outside Virginia or cannot attend a live session, you may request a teleconference training session with the Public Awareness and Training Department (available only for those who enter 5 tickets per week or more over the last 90 days).
  • All Web TE users must sign a Web Ticket Entry Agreement prior to receiving  account information for accessing the system. By signing the Agreement, Web TE users agree to be legally responsible for all data submitted on the Web Ticket, including the accuracy of the information provided about the location of the proposed work and the completeness of the list of utilities to be notified.  Additionally, Web TE users agree to follow our rules of use, and acknowledge that their account can be discontinued at any time.  Web TE users who attend a live training session will complete this form during the training. Web TE users who attend a teleconference training will received instructions for completing the form. 
  • One Person – One Account – Each individual person will be allowed only one Web Ticket Entry Account. The Caller or Web User’s employer name is what is collected on Miss Utility Tickets – not the excavator company name. Virginia Law does require that the Caller or Web User be employed by the company actually doing the excavation work. Alternately, the caller’s employer should be “directly supervising” the excavation work on the jobsite. In either case, the Miss Utility center is required to collect information on the Caller or Web User. In other words, “Who requested the ticket?”
  • Use of Company # field – For companies with multiple offices and phone numbers, all employees should use the same Company # for all tickets – called in or web entered. Our software is designed to link tickets by Company #. You will have access to Update, Remark or request revision tickets only on tickets that contain the same Company # as your account. Think of the Company # field as a way of listing all individuals who can use your tickets.
  • Web Ticket Entry Accounts will automatically expire once a year. The user will need to call the VA811 Help Desk, verify their contact and company information and their account will be reset for another year. This is intended to allow us to verify the information provided on tickets and to clear out unused accounts.
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