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Dig With Care

Positive Response

Once you submit your ticket, do NOT dig before you receive a Positive Response email from VA 811. This will give you the status of your request. Utilities will indicate if they marked or if their lines are not in conflict with your project.

Look for signs of the presence of a utility that may not have been marked. Such signs include:

  • The presence of a gas, electric, or water meter but no markings of the color that corresponds:
    • Gas = yellow
    • Electric = red
    • Water = blue
  • The presence of an electric transformer or communications pedestal with no paint leading from them

Hand Digging

Once you know that all of the utilities in the area of your project are marked, hand dig within 24 inches on either side of the marks to find the utility if your work will cross the utility line.

If you are working parallel (alongside) the utility but not crossing it, hand dig at reasonable distances along the path of your project to make sure that the utility does not change direction and come into your project area.

Utility Damage

If you accidentally nick or damage a utility, contact the utility directly.

Utility Contacts

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