Celebrating Individuals Who Embody
The Mission Of Safety And Education

Virginia 811 is launching a new award this year, the Virginia 811 Damage Prevention Ambassador Award. This award is intended to recognize and celebrate individuals who actively engage in initiatives that reduce the risk of utility damage during excavation projects, go above and beyond in promoting safe excavation practices, and foster a culture of safety and education within their community.

By honoring these ambassadors, Virginia 811 not only highlights their outstanding efforts but also sets a standard for others to follow. Honoring these individuals will be a testament to the belief that individual actions can have a profound impact on overall safety and well-being of the community.


  • To qualify, nominees should fulfill a minimum of 5 out of the 10 specified criteria


  • Attends at least one LDPC meeting within their region
  • Has made a presentation or spoken at an LDPC meeting
  • Has contributed to reducing damages within their area
  • Has contributed to reducing Update/3 HR locate requests within their area
  • Encourages/participates in pre-construction conferences on large projects within their area
  • Participates in or sponsors a Damage Prevention Event, such as organizing Virginia 811 presentations or forming and leading a Local Damage Prevention Committee (LDPC).
  • Has a company program for safety and damage prevention
  • Invites Virginia 811 to participate in their organization’s safety training events
  • Actively promotes the 811 message: ”Contact Virginia 811 Before You Dig. Every dig.  Every time.”
  • Attends at least one Damage Prevention Conference or Virginia 811 General Membership Meeting throughout the year


  • Verification by Virginia 811 Public Awareness and Executive teams
  • Nominees notified via email/phone


  • Recipient receives a distinctive plaque

Nominate Someone Who Inspires You
for the Virginia 811 Damage Prevention Ambassador Award

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