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Single Address Tickets (SAT)

What is SAT?

A Single Address Ticket (SAT) is a Locate Request made by a homeowner or contractor to have utility lines marked at a single address. Once a SAT request is submitted and processed, utility line locators are dispatched to the address to mark utility lines using environmentally friendly marking materials. As with all Locate Requests, you should submit your SAT requests three full working days prior to beginning your project.

You will then receive a message informing you of successful submission.  After the request has been processed, you will receive an email from Virginia 811 confirming that your SAT request  has been processed. This email will include your  locate request (ticket) number.

NOTE: This program works best using Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers.


Take the Single Address Ticket (SAT) Challenge

See how quick and easy it is to enter an online single address Locate Request using SAT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About SAT

SAT allows you to independently submit single address Locate Requests, putting you in control. SAT’s user-friendly design is not only convenient, but generally faster than than phoning in your locate request.

It also offers:

  • Map Features: You can mark your excavation location on the map, adding icons to specify the work area on your property.
  • Efficient Form Submission: Your cached browser data can autofill contact information, streamlining the form submission process.
  • No Cross Streets Required: Unlike before, you’re no longer obliged to provide cross street information.
  • Predefined Work Areas: You can choose work areas from a predefined list.
  • Additional Benefits: You have the flexibility to request paint and flags or specify no markings on hard surfaces.

If SAT can’t precisely locate your single address, your Locate Request will be transferred to another application automatically. The Virginia 811 team will review and complete it. This process still occurs on the same day, usually within two hours, so it won’t affect your waiting time.

In order to provide the convenient predictive text options in the Address field, your browser settings must allow the application to track the location of your single address. Note: the first time you attempt to enter an address, you will be prompted to allow the browser to access to your location

These icons are designed to assist you in better identifying where your work is taking place within the quadrant or quadrants you select, such as “facing the property from the street”.

If your map screen is not progressing, it could be due to an incompatible web browser. Ensure you are using one of the following SAT-compatible browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

There is no difference – either can be used.

Yes. You can cancel your SAT request by using Ticket Revision Express (TRE).  This feature is easy to use and designed to quickly and easily make a cancellation. You can access TRE:  HERE


Yes. But it’s imperative that you contact Virginia 811 before 5:00 PM on the same day that your SAT request was originally entered so that we can make the correction for you. If you cannot contact us before 5:00 PM on the day it was originally entered,  you will need to cancel your existing SAT request, and create a new one.

Always contact Virginia 811 if you need the following corrections made:

o  Contact Name

o  Contact Phone Number

o  Contact Email

o  Email

o  If contactor, Boring, Blasting, White Paint fields

Getting a notice that Virginia 811 cannot process your SAT request indicates that essential information is missing, which is required by Virginia 811.

Common reasons for this include:

  • A first and last name was not included
  • The Contact number is missing digit(s) and is a different person than caller
  • The work type has not been specified
  • County or City is incorrect
  • Excavation details are unclear or insufficient
  • There is no address or lot number given
  • The Location of the address cannot be confirmed using Virginia 811’s mapping tools and resources
  • Multiple addresses were included and/or details provided do not meet SAT specifications

Public vs. Private – What’s the difference?

Some underground utilities on your property will not be marked by Virginia 811 members because they are not owned by our members.

These can include underground lines to septic tanks, electric lines to sheds or landscape lighting, lawn sprinkler systems, and more.

Here’s one general rule: if the utility runs from the street to the meter, it will be marked. If the utility is installed from the meter to another location on your property, it will not be marked.

See this video that explains the difference:

Examples of Private Lines

  • Electric lines to outbuildings (detached garages or sheds)
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Lines related to satellite or dish television
  • Landscape lighting
  • Invisible pet fences
  • Septic tanks and lines associated with them
  • Propane tanks and lines associated with them

Underground Utility Locating Contractors

This is a list of some of the underground utility locating companies working in Virginia (“Locating Companies”). There may be others. Check online by searching “Utility Locating” or visit the National Utility Locating Contractors Association website at for more information.

Underground Utility Locating Contractors
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