About Us

Who or What is Virginia 811?

Virginia 811 (VA811), commonly called Miss Utility of Virginia, is the not-for-profit organization created by Virginia’s utilities to protect their underground facilities.

The Process

An individual or company is planning to excavate.
A call is made to VA 811, or someone uses our Single Address Tickets program.
We gather information about the excavator and the proposed dig site. This information is electronically delivered to member utilities. Member utilities mark their facilities or employ a contract locator to perform their locates. The locator responds to our electronic system and a response is sent to the excavator.


Quality Policy

The mission of VA811 is to operate a high performance organization composed of experienced utility operators, excavators, locators and state agencies, dedicated to providing a premier Damage Prevention Program to protect the utilities for the safety and benefit of the citizens within the Commonwealth of Virginia.  VA811′s commitment is to establish and meet or exceed objectives along with other requirements that provide a public safety service.  To achieve this, business is conducted in an environment of continuous improvement through a Quality Management System (QMS) to:

  • Provide training to ensure skills meet job responsibilities.
  • Document procedures for key processes and maintain transparency.
  • Continually improve customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of our OMS.
  • Ensure key processes are:
    • Effective
    • Efficient
    • Consistent with stated obligations
    • Measurable and timely actions are taken to improve performance