What map books does MissUtility of Virginia use?

The Miss Utility of Virginia center no longer uses ADC®, 911, Chamber of Commerce, or VDOT maps with different grid systems. We also no longer use the statewide grid system that we once used that is based on latitude / longitude – quarter minute grids. Since 2007, we have been using mapping provided by the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN).  VGIN’s map data gives us access to orthophotography in addition to the streets and roads.  The VGIN maps are accurate geospatial data.  Additional information on the VGIN map data can be found on their website.  http://www.vita.virginia.gov/isp/default.aspx?id=12096

When you call the Miss Utility of Virginia center, we still ask for a map book reference to assist the locators in finding the dig site. Our Damage Prevention Specialists can see ADC® Map gridshttp://www.adcmap.com on our GIS map system. This way, they can quickly move to the same area that you can see in your map book. Our new grid system is used to identify the utility owners that need to be notified of your excavation, not the map books used previously